Terms And Condtions for Trainer

Terms and Condition for trainer:

1-Terms and conditions are subject to change without prior permission.

2-The website is an intermediary to trainees to reach to the trainers according to their information in the website.

3-The Website sends information about the trainer to the largest possible group of trainees.

4- The website doesn’t have any responsibility or dispute between the trainees and the trainer regarding for the contract or the fees between them.

5-This private site does not guarantee you to get trainees.

6- The subscription fees of membership is (50) dirhams for each period 3 months from the date of registering on the site and the subscription is renewed according to the trainer’s desire.

7-The site is interested in the authenticity of the information, the trainer must send his personal photo and copy of the training permit to be sure that the information about the history of the professional trainer is correct and after checking the data through the site administrator the data is posted on the site.

8- This site allows the trainee to evaluate the trainer to be posted on the instructor’s page.

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